Professional Discounts

Coupon Code: defend52

Who qualifies for the Professional Discount?

•Active, Honorably Discharged or Retired Military personnel – all branches (veterans, including medical discharges/disabled)
•National Guard personnel – all branches
•Military Reserve personnel – all branches
•CAP – Civil Air Patrol
•Fire Fighters – including volunteers
•Paramedics and EMTs
•TSA Employees
•Commercial Pilots
•Federal Flight Deck Officers
•Air Marshals
•Court Judges
•District and Deputy District Attorneys
•All sworn or retired Law Enforcement Officers – city, county, state, and federal
•All Corrections and Probation Officers
•State Licensed Security Companies
•State, Federal, and Private Security Guards
•DOD Contractors

What to Submit :

A current and complete (front and back) copy of your official identification. If you cannot send official identification (CAC etc.), we accept LES forms, PCS orders, or department letterheads stating employment. Please also include your driver’s license if you use one of these methods. We are required to collect and file a copy of your qualifying credentials with your initial discount purchase. Your credentials will remain on file to approve future discount purchase requests. Manufacturers participating in these discounts reserve the right to audit our records to ensure only those professionals on their approved lists are receiving these discounts.

How to Submit your Credentials :

Send us a scanned image of your qualifying credentials to You will receive a confirmation of receipt. It takes 1-2 business days to process your credentials.