Who’s The President

It’s interesting to see that the evening of November 3rd, President Trump was leading VP Biden in the presidential election. Then during the middle of the night, a couple of states had some ballots show up which put Biden into the lead. It is quite suspicious, as just about every vote found, was for Biden, with little to none to Trump or third party candidates. Biden supporters cheered and celebrated as it appeared that Biden would win. President Trump then started legal action against suspected voting fraud. Response from the liberal side was “there is no voter fraud, orange man lost, we win, get over it, don’t start a war with us, you must love and support the new president.” As individuals came out and claimed that there was fraud, and Trump ballots were being thrown out, Biden ballots were being added, voting software from Dominion was causing loss of votes or switching votes, Trump supporters would make Facebook posts, tweets, TikToks about how Biden is loosing votes. Instant response from liberals would be “FAKE NEWS”, that’s false do your research. Just recently, liberals would state that all court cases had been thrown out because there is no evidence of voter fraud, and just recently, I saw a post from Kayleigh McEnany stating Pennsylvania court rules that ballots received after election day are invalid. Of course liberals are claiming fake news, and they hadn’t been counted anyway, while the conservatives stated that the votes had been counted. How else would Biden’s count skyrocket and pass Trump’s overnight.

Then most, if not all mainstream media called the election in favor of Biden. Problem is the news doesn’t decide the president. It happens in December with the electoral college. The only time they can call the election, is if one of the two candidates concedes. This has not happened yet, and won’t. Now with the recent court ruling in favor of President Trump, liberals are making fun of the conservatives by saying “oh no, I guess we’ll lose those 2000 votes. I’m scared.” Just trying to play off the fact that the Democrats appeared to cheated. Of course, it does go both ways, the hard core Trump supporters comment just as bad as the hard core Biden supporters. I do know that not all liberals act this intense, just like not all Trump supporters are, they are just the ones making all the noise.

As far as how many votes have been shown to have been removed or transferred shouldn’t matter, even if it’s only 200 votes or 2,000,000 votes. When it goes to court and President Trump can show that cheating has occurred in multiple states, as the Dominion software was used in 30 different states, which appear to be all the swing states, then the court should rule in favor of President Trump, and disqualify VP Biden due to cheating. After all, if a major sports event, or other type of competitive event had one team suspiciously scored higher then the other team, there would be an investigation. If the wining team had proof, such as several hundred individuals sign a notarized affidavit of wrong doing, the judges or other legal entities, would disqualify the cheating team. Why should the presidential election be any different. Hopefully, future elections will be better conducted with proper oversight, however, only time will tell.