Who Values What More?

Earlier today, two individuals got into an altercation at our local mall, resulting in one person pulling a gun, shooting and injuring the other, and fleeing the scene. Fortunately, the injured person is still alive, condition is unknown as of this writing, and the local police do have a description of the suspects vehicle including the license plate.

Later my wife was reading comments on Facebook regarding the incident, and noticed someone stating the usual anti-gun propaganda that “this is the reason no one should have guns.” My wife commented about how “we shouldn’t have to suffer just because criminals disobey the law,” which received a comment of “you go ahead and try to keep your guns, and you just prove that you value your stuff more than someone else’s life.” She just left it at that.

Of course this make me think, would I value my stuff more than another life? Well, that depends. If someone tries to break into my house to steal my stuff, and I feel that my wife or kids lives are in danger, than yes I most defiantly value my family more than that of the intruder. If I could be assured that my family would be safe from harm as the burglars ransacked my home, I would let them do that. I have security, cameras, and insurance, my stuff can be replaced. The problem is, you can’t guarantee that my family won’t come to harm, so I would value their life less than my family’s.

Then there is those that are trying to destroy everything. You hear on the news about Democratic run cities, such as Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, and others that the leaders have allowed individuals to protest which result in destruction, severe injury and even death. You have individuals trying to protect people, only to be labeled as the bad guy. Just recently, 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse was helping protect some businesses in Kenosha, when he noticed an individual that set a dumpster on fire, later finding out he tried to set other property on fire. Kyle used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire which pissed off the the firestarter who then started chasing him. Eventually, he was hit over the head with a skateboard, and then fell to the ground. Kyle turned and shot his three attackers, killing two of them. People go on to say he shouldn’t have been there, and that these killings had been senseless.

Well, they are right, those killings could have been avoided. How? By not setting fire to the dumpster, then Kyle wouldn’t have put it out, pissing off the arsonist. But ultimately if the leaders of these states and cities would actually worry about the people they had been elected to serve and protect, and actually have the balls to stand up for what is right, then we wouldn’t be here. I get that people have the right to protest, but they don’t have the right to destroy personal property, kill, or injure others, unless of course they are declaring war, and then again, it would be acceptable to kill or destroy military lawful targets. Another words, you don’t have the right to destroy someone’s home, or kill or harm some 80 year old woman who is trying to get food to eat.

Bottom line is, people have the right to defend themselves against criminals, and if you don’t want to be shot and possibly killed, than don’t threaten someone with violent acts, don’t break into someone’s home, don’t set fire to businesses (police stations) with people locked inside, don’t chase down someone with the intent to harm. Another words, follow the law and there is nothing to worry about.

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