We Still Sell Rifles and Shotguns to Adults 18 Years and Older!

Yes, we still sell rifles and shotguns to adults 18 years and older!

Welcome to Serenity Valley Armory, LLC. With the recent tragedies there are a number of big box retailers that have decided to stop selling and destroying specific weapons that look like items used by the military and law enforcement, while others added the decision to up the minimum age to purchase rifles and shotguns to 21 years of age.  While private companies have every right to do this, which is one advantage to free enterprise, this can limit the availability of where legal buyers can purchase items.  Another advantage to this tactic, is it pushes potential customers elsewhere, where people actually know and care about the firearm industry.  Rest assured that we will still lawfully sell rifles and shotguns to individuals between the ages of 18 and 21, until federal law dictates otherwise.

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